1. Better education for better society.
  2. Better India for Better world.
  3. Excellent in women education empowerment and safety.


  1. To empower students with relevant knowledge confidence to face global challenge.
  2. To create a second home for safe living.


At Present era due to globalization for carrier purpose a women has to more out of her house city for studies as well as for jobs.
Moving out of house to safe place to stay for women is Women’s Hostel. For that a hostel should be a place of happiness, attachment so that they should not feel loneliness .It should be a second home to them.

Brief History of Ladies Hostel

Shri.Acharyaratna Deshbhooshan Shikshan Prasarak Mandal ‘s Mahavir Mahavidyalaya, Kolhapur” Women’s Hostel” was established with U.G.C. Assistance under the “Women’s Hostel special scheme” contribution during X th Plan period and with the help of management contribution and public donation in the year 2012. It is located in the college campus.

  1. University Grant Commission 80,00,000/-
  2. Management Contribution 50,23,902/-
  3. Public Donation 4,00,000/-
    Total Cost Rs. 1, 34, 23,902/-

Ladies Hostel Establishment

Ladies Hostel was opened on 16th July, 2012 hands of Hon’ble Smt.Indumati Kalappaanna Awade in the month of 30th March, 2013.


1. No. Room : 28 (25 rooms for students + 1 flat for chief rector +1 room for office + 1 Store room)

Facilities provide to girls in Hostel

  1. There are separate two story building with 25 well furnished rooms with useful furniture for students, were accommodation 100 girls students.
  2. Room facilities in room 4/4 and 3/3 girls are accommodated in a room.
  3. For hot water there is Saur urja plate and Gas with stove.
  4. Cold water facility for 24 an hour and aquaguard for drinking water.
  5. There is study hall for 24 an hour, where hostel girls study their own books.
  6. Entertainment –
    I. There is separate open place for outdoor games, Ring and Badminton.
    II.There is a T.V. for amusement on watch picture once in a week and every day news bulletin and some special program for half to one hour also Ampee Theater for various programs.
  7. Ground floor rooms are mainly constructed for the handicapped girls.
  8. There is C.C.T.V Camera and Watchmen for a 24 Hours.
  9. Newspaper – Daily Pudhari, Daily Sakal, Daily Maharashtra Times and Times of India.
    10.I-card for Hostel Girls
    11.Landline Phone for Emergency & Notice Board.
    12.Complaint Box, Electric light along with solar lamps (lights) and Generator.

Facilities provided to girls in Hostel mess

There is a separate Mess hall with kitchen and store room at ground floor in the Hostel Building .40 Girls can sit at a time. Mess provides well balanced whom same and nutritious pure vegetarian food and Breakfast with tea. Also mess provides every Sunday and festival day sweet dishes.

Program organized in Hostel

  1. Welcome- After admission there is Wel-Come program for all Hostel girls.
  2. Celebration of every student birthday, 31th December, Rangpanchami, Navaratri festival –Garaba Dance.
  3. Speech- i) Personality development and Health Care ii) Women’s Safety.
  4. Before dinner there is prayer, National Anthem and Roll Call every night.

Healthy Practices

  1. Hostel Day
  2. Counseling
  3. Lecture and programs and Birth anniversary
  4. Grievance/Complaint Box & Register
  5. Anti Ragging Committee.

Administrative Officers

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Mrs.Swapnali Shashikant More Chief-Rector
2 Mrs.Madhavi Anuraj More Rector

Administrative Staff

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Shashikant Shamrao More Jr.Assistant
2 Shri. Shivaji Ananda Tipugade Peon
3 Shri. Ananda Hari Chavan Peon

Other Information

In this Hostel Admission is open for all college ladies students. The last four years various places students were taken admission in this Hostel. For example- Kokan-Malvan, Kanakavali , Konal- Katta, Tillari , Sindhudurga, Ratnagiri, Karad , Satara, Wai, Shirala, Asahta, Islampur, Kavathe piran , Sangali, Solapur- Mangalwedha, Mumbai- Pune –Kolhapur District. Also form other State Karnataka, Goa, Haryana and other country Nepal.
All Girls lived in friendly an joyfully nature. There is no Ragging .Here is Well discipline atmosphere.

The following students were taken admission for each year.

Sr.No. Year No. Of Students
1 2012-2013 48
2 2013-2014 61
3 2014-2015 65
2015-2016 57