Mahavir Mahavidyalaya, Kolhapur has established Students Grievance Redressal Cell as per the notification of UGC dated 07th May, 2019 and the Gazette of India (06th May, 2019). This cell will work for redressed of certain grievances of students already enrolled in our institution as well as those seeking admission to our institution. A committee has been constituted under these regulations.


महाविद्यालयीन विद्यार्थी तक्रार निवारण कक्ष

(2019-20 & 2020-21)





Principal – Dr. Rajendra Lokhande



Dr. Rajendra Rote



Shri. Ankush Gondage



Prof. Sandhya Jadhav


Grievance includes the following things.

Admission contrary to merit determined in accordance with the declared admission policy of the institution.   

ii)        Irregularity in the process.

iii)       Refusal to admit in accordance with the declared admission policy of the institution.

iv)       Non publication of the prospectus by the institution.

v)         False or misleading publication of information in prospectus.

vi)       Withholding of or refusal to return any document in the form of certificates of   degree, diploma of any other award or other document.

vii)      Demand of money in excess.

viii)     Violation, by the institution, of any law regarding reservation of seats.

ix)       Non payment or delay in payment of scholarships

x)         Delay in conduct of examinations or declaration of results.

xi)       Failure by the institution to provide student amenities

xii)      Non transparent or unfair practices adopted by institution.

xiii)     Discrimination of students from SC, ST, OBC, Women, Minority or student with disabilities.

xiv)     Denial of quality education.

xv)       Harassment or victimization of student.

            Students who want to state any complaint, submit their complaint through the link of the website of the college (