To develop the Institute for excellence in academics and empower students with higher learning and research capabilities through value based education for global competencies, character building ,social inclusion and transformation.


To strive for excellence in higher education in keeping with the motto of the institution ‘Sheelam Param Bhooshanam’ and ignite young minds for knowledge, skills, research and civic values to make the students capable for global citizenship.


  • To develop among the students academic skills and competencies.
  •  To provide inclusive education to all .
  •  To inculcate ethical values and national spirit among the students
  • To inculcate civic responsibilities among the students through various activities.
  • To strengthen community network by means of vital and need based outreach activities .
  • To strive for maintaining top positions in University merit list.
  • To enrich research output from the faculty and students.
  • To promote the sustainable development of society through curricular and extension activities.
  • To strengthen mechanisms for faculty development through feedback, grievance redressal , performance evaluation etc
  • To strengthen the alumni association.
  • To provide education and training for making competent teachers through B.A .B.Ed. ( Integrated ) programme.
  • To strive for the continuous quality enhancement of the institution through functional IQAC.
  • To promote sports and physical education for health and career opportunities and obtain higher achievement at various levels of competitions .
  • To learn and implement new strategies of governance and management for quality improvement of the institution.
  • To develop the environmental consciousness among the students and make the campus clean and eco-friendly.