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Shri. Acharyaratna Deshbhushan Shikshan Prasarak Mandal started  its work in the field of education with the foundation of Deshbhushan Vidya Mandir in 1963.  Then the organisation decided to work in the field of higher education and `Kolhapur College’ was established in 1970 in city at Shri Jinsen Mahaswami Math (a hermitage).`The Kolhapur College was renamed as `Mahaveer Mahavidyalaya’ in 1975  at the time of Mahanirvana  Mahotsava  of Bhagwan Mahaveer. In 1974, the organisation purchased a premises of nearly 5 acres, which was then  known as `Ichalkaranjikar Bungalow’  for the college. Now, this premises is known as `Vaishali  Parisar’.  The college was shifted in this new premises  in 1974.  In memory of late Shri Baburao Mallappa Rote – a generous lover of education, the Rote family donated Rs.1 lakh to the institution and B. M. Rote Junior College was started. Today, B. M. Rote Junior College  has its own well furnished three storey building in the premises. Recently the organisation proposed to build a separate building spending Rs.1 Crore  for the College.  Apart from the old buildings, there is a separate library building known as  Shrimati Rukhmini Mallappa Rote Granthalaya, Acharya Vidyanand Sanskriti Bhavan, a hostel building with 20 ground floor rooms,  a gymkhana, a garden and playgrounds in this premises. College has propose to construct a separate building for girls hostel. University Grant Commission, New Delhi has sanctioned Rs. 80 lacks for the said project.

Activities Overview

            Now Mahaveer Mahavidyalaya is known as a developed college that acknowledges social commitment and involves in different activities. The College is always engaged in continuous  efforts  for the personality development of students through   N.C.C. (Boys and Girls), N.S.S. (Four separate units),  Maitreen  Vyaspeeth, Pradnya  Sanwardhan, Pradhyapak  Prabodhini, Deshbhushan (our annual  yearly publication), Computer Training, Parent’s Association, Krida Prabodhini, Entrepreneurship Development, Educational  trips, Visits, Project Work, Competitive Examination Guidance Centre, Art Forum, Rotaract Club, Internal Examinations, Tutorials, Practicals, Audio-Visual Education, Study Centre of Yashwantrao Chavan  Maharashtra Open University Nashik,  Alumni Organization, Network Resource Centre with Broadband Connection, Granthvedh, Career Orientation Programme, etc.

            We feel proud that our students are always ahead in University Examinations, Inter Zonal Sports Tournaments and N.C.C. activities and periodical writing competition.


There are three faculties such as Arts, Commerce and Education under the Senior wing. The College is affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur and about 1,100 students are taking education in the Senior wing. There are 60 teachers and  22 non – teaching people are working in it. There are taught B.A., B.Com. and B.A.,B.Ed. Courses in our College. Besides, the College runs many certificate, diploma and post – graduate courses. Their details are as follows :

  1. Certificate Course in Rural Journalism ( Shivaji University, Kolhapur )
  2. Diploma in School Management ( Y. C. M. O. U.,Nashik. )
  3. Diploma in Co-operation ( Y. C. M. O. U.,Nashik. )
  4. B.A./B.Com Degree ( Y. C. M. O. U.,Nashik. )
  5. M.A. Psychology ( Shivaji University, Kolhapur.)
  6. M. Phil in Marathi, Hindi, English, History, Economics ( Y. C. M. O. U.,Nashik.
  7. Career Oriented courses
    • Certificate Course in Information and Computer Basics ( Shivaji University, Kolhapur)
    • Certificate Course in Applied Psychology ( Shivaji University, Kolhapur)
    • Certificate Course in Translation Proficiency in English ( Shivaji University, Kolhapur)
    • Certificate Course in Human Right and Human Values. ( Shivaji University, Kolhapur)
    • Diploma in Information Technology. ( Shivaji University, Kolhapur)
    • Diploma in Translation Proficiency in English ( Shivaji University, Kolhapur)
  • Note : All above mentioned courses are UGC recognized and affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur and Y.C.M.O.U. Nashik, as mentioned in brakets.

Arts Faculty

(B.A. Unit)

Students are admitted to this faculty after qualifying the H.S.C. examination. The B.A. Degree course, of 3 years duration, has the facility of studying as well as specializing in:
Marathi, Hindi, English, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, History, Physical Education

Besides these subjects, we have the facility to study NCC, NSS, STD, Geography, Yoga, Co-operation, Logic, Environement at optional level. 

Commerce Faculty

(B.Com. Unit)

           Students are admitted to this faculty after qualifying the H.S.C. examination from Commerce stream. The B.Com. three year degree course has the facility studying and specializing in: English (at compulsory level for B.Com. I and II only), Economics, Management, Commerce, Insurance, Accountancy, Secretarial Practice

            This faculty pays more attention to the professional skill development of students. We pay personal attention to our student’s industrial development rather than running after job. There are 250 students taking education in it.

Education Faculty

(B.A.B.Ed. (Integrated) Unit)

It is the outstanding faculty of our College where professional approach based course is run. It is UGC as well as NCTE, Bhopal (Order No. WRC/5-6/2K/10916/DT. 11-12-2000 ) recognized four year integrated degree course, affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Its basic required qualification for admittance H.S.C. passed from Arts stream and the candidate must appear to CET conducted by Shivaji University, Kolhapur. The merit list of qualified candidates is duly published and the process of admission is carried out by the University itself. The specialty of this course is the component of B.A course and B.Ed. course are run integrity in four years and major thrust is on Practicum Component.

Other Courses

Certificate Course in Rural Journalism and Mass Communication :

It is a Certificate Course run under the recognition of Extension and Adult Education Department of Shivaji University, Kolhapur. The College is running it from 1990. It contains the certificate level content knowledge and training at journalism and mass media. The required qualification for admittance to this course is passing S.S.C. examination and students may take it as an additional course while completing their degree courses of any faculty. Our regular students as well as minimum required qualification holder outsiders can take admission to it. The course is run on Saturdays and Sunday s. One can do it while doing a job. We have eminent faculty members from the field of journalism for it. The course emphasis visits, tours and factual experience in this field. Our      students who completed the course successfully are working as journalists in a number of dailies in Maharashta.

Career Oriented Courses :

In order to impart vocational education and skills along with the formal education to students UGC New Delhi, lunched Career Oriented Courses under Xth plan. Under this, UGC New Delhi has sanctioned us a substantial amount as grants to run these courses. The minimum required admission qualification is H.S.C. passed from any stream and admission are open to all fulfilling this criterion. The students are charged reasonable fee. We have started these courses in 2006 and are planning  to develop them to Diploma and Advanced Diploma level from the present Certificate level. Thus, Students can complete the Career Oriented Course in 3 years continuously. These courses are run besides the regular timings of the College and they are run regular timings of the College and they are run on Saturdays and Sundays. These Courses emphasis on course based practical and visits.


`Shrimati Rukminibai Mallappa Rote Granthalaya’ is the Central Library for all the sections in the College. There is Collection of Books, Periodical Section,  Computer Section, Study Room,  Reference Section,  Book Bank facility, Internet facility in it. There are 44,552 books in the library and their approximate cost is Rs.5,55,975.  In the periodical  section, there are 62 daily newspapers, as well as periodicals which are in Marathi, English and Hindi languages. The Library remains open from  7.30 a.m.  to 5.00 p.m. barring the holidays. The library facilities are available  to the students by paying the nominal fees of Rs.50/-.  The poor students may get the set of textbooks for a year by paying fees of Rs.50/- only. The students may study in the study room when they have no lectures.

Reading Room


  • Computer Section : -
    Computer Section
    Mahaveer Institute of Computer Education and Information Technology’ is a separate computer section developed for the students and the computers with Internet facility are available for the  students. Now there are 10 computer sets  in this section. The University Grants Commission has given sanction to this  centre as `Network Resource Centre’.  The e-books section has been introduced in the library where there are CDs and cassettes for the students.


  • Gymkhana : -Ours is a distinct college in the city having its own big playground. We provide the facility of practicing  indoor and outdoor games. We have  established dominance in Cricket, Basket ball and Softball tournaments at University level and the College has a  good record of achievements in the games such as kabaddi, kho-kho and wrestling. We always encourage female students for their participation in sports. Many students have got Sports’ Scholarships.  We have developed Gymnasium in order to inculcate the habit of  physical exercise among the students. We are going to develop Gymnasium for girls also in near future.  The subjects of Physical Education and Yoga Studies are taught at Degree level in our college. We propose to develop a separate Sports Academy in our college.

  • Sports : - The Department of sports is the matter of pride of our College. The students participate in the sports meet at different levels such as zonal, interzonal, University, State and National level. We have monopoly in the games of Cricket & Basket Ball. The Junior College Sports department is not an exception. It is also strong & active.


  • Audio Visual Section : - Along with verbal lectures we use audio-visual aids such as LCD Projector, TV, Radio, Tape-recorder, OHP, Charts, etc.  for the purpose of effective  teaching and learning. Besides, we have the facility of Distance Education through Satellite with the courtesy of Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University Nashik. Our college is one of the exceptional colleges in the city having Satellite facility, Internet connectivity and other audio visual aids.  With the help of video slides, cassettes, e-books, etc.  effective teaching learning has become possible.

  • Hostel : - The hostel consists of nearly 20 rooms and 80 students can be accommodated in the hostel. The poor and needy students  may get hostel accommodation at nominal rates. The students seeking admission in the hostel are expected to submit separate applications in prescribed form.
  • Earn and Learn Scheme : -`Earn and Learn Scheme’  is executed for the poor and prospective students who want to get employment somewhere while they are studying. The  college tries to find employment for such students.

  • Special Facilities for Physically Challenged Students:


  • Spacious premises of 5 acres with a garden, playgrounds, parking facility and attractive landscape.
  • Computerized  Library containing 44,552 books of Rs. 5,55,975/- worth.
  • One of the rare colleges having “Network Resource Centre” with Broadband Internet connectivity.
  • Audio Visual Center for effecting teaching with LCD Projector, Computer, OHP, Tape Recorder, Radio, Satellite, maps etc.
  • Experienced and learned faculty.
  • Separate section for Information and Computer Technology Education under the roof of Mahaveer Institute and Information and Technology.
  • Acharya Vidyanand Sanskriti Bhavan  - a well equipped auditorium for cultural and educational activities with a dining capacity for 300 people and a small but beautiful garden.
  • Scholarships and concessions for poor and progressive students; schemes of Earn and Learn and Students’ Aid Fund.
  • Hostel accommodation for poor students coming from remote areas.
  • Courses such as Rural Journalism, Diploma in Cooperation, Translation Proficiency , Basic Computer Course, Applied Psychology are conducted along with regular teaching.
  • Remedial Coaching, financed by UGC, for backward class students.
  • Extra curricular activities conducted by various study circles.
  • A leading college having  N.C.C.  (for boys and girls), N.S.S. (with four separate units), Maitreen Vyaspeeth and Deshbhooshan Awards.
  • Special facilities of Study Room, Reference section, News Paper Stand and Periodical section
  • A well furnished new building is under construction.
  • The only college paying personal attention to the problems and difficulties of the students.
  • Human Co-operation to physically challenged student. (We have the largest number of such students in the city).



Shri Acharyaratna Deshbhushan Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Kolhapur. Was founded on 29th April, 1963, for the purpose of educational and cultural development and development of socially deprived   sections.  It was the strong desire of Shri. Acharyaratna Deshbhushanji Muni Maharaj  that such an organisation be founded. The organisation took birth due to his blessings and encouragement.

            The organisation is making progress day by day through the continuous efforts for over 45 years and has earned name and fame. A Nursery, Shri Vidyalaya (a primary school), Deshbhooshan High School, Dadasahab Magdum High School, B. M. Rote Junior College (Arts, Commerce and Science) are the branches run by the organisation. Besides, Acharya Vidyanand Sanskriti Bhavan, Dharma Bharati, Dr. Vilas Sangave Research Centre and a Smt. Rukhmini Mallappa Rote Library  are the centres run by the organisation. Education from KG to PG is given through these branches and the institution feels proud that nearly 3500 students are benefited by the education through these different branches. `Bhagvan Mahaveer State Level Elocution Competition’ is organized every year  on behalf of the organisation and in cooperation with Mahaveer Mahavidyalaya, Kolhapur.



Name of the office bearers


1 Shri . Kallappa Awade President
2 Shri . S. M. Patil Vice-President
3 Shri . Dr. G. S. Miraje  
4 Shri . Advocate K.A.Kapse Chairman
5 Shri . Advocate R.N.Patil Vice-Chairman
6 Shri. G.M.Rote Treasurer
7 Shri. M.B.Desai Secretary
8 Dr. V.A.Sangve Member
9 Shri. P.G. Kapse Member
10 Shri.G.B.Rote Member
11 Shri. R.J. Shah Member
12 Shri. D.A.Magdum Member
13 Shri. M.B.Gargate Member
14 Shri. G.R. Dige Member
15 Shri. B.A. Patil Member
16 Shri. D.K. Sangaonkar Member
17 Shri. D.S. Ladge Member
18 Dr. Smt. S.G. Rote Member
19 Shri. P.R. Patil Invitee
20 Prin. Dr. Sunilkumar Lawate ,,
21 Shri. P. A. Patil ,,
22 Shri. Gat ,,

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